Welcome to First Dallas Securities

Today’s marketplace offers an array of investment opportunities. There are more investment opportunities today than in any time in America’s history. The growth of these opportunities has created a “department store” mentality for many investment firms. There is an industry desire to be all things to all people.

In such a financial climate, First Dallas Securities has chosen to go the other way. We believe focusing primarily on common stocks with an educated eye on bonds and mutual funds is a fundamental strategy that improves our clients’ chances to create a larger and more solid long-term result.

First Dallas Securities believes focusing on such a small segment of all the investment opportunities that are available gives a much better view of the subject, and the closer and more often it is studied and evaluated, the better the chance for successful investment.

First Dallas Securities places a special emphasis on the southwest, but searches the entire United States for companies that fit specific criteria. Included are core growth companies and emerging companies in various industries. We examine both high tech and old economy companies that are resurfacing with a solid game plan for new century markets.

Since its inception in 1989, First Dallas Securities’ philosophy of focusing primarily on common stocks continues to be validated as a sound approach to creating stronger investment strategies.